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ZERØ is the industry’s only mobile-first, artificial intelligence email automation technology for law firms.

In the last decade, there has been a major shift globally in the way people work — including lawyers. Mobile devices have revolutionized the way that we communicate with each other. For law firms, the amount of email continues to grow year over year. However, although the volume of emails grows and the time spent emailing from mobile devices rises, the technology has largely remained the same. In addition, filing these numerous emails correctly is a near Herculean task for lawyers who are looking to spend time advocating for their clients. This inability of traditional email clients used by law firms to catch up with our mobile world results in time and revenue lost rather than time saved and revenue gained.

How ZERØ recovers time and revenue for lawyers and law firms


Automatically files emails with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency into iManage, NetDocuments, and OpenText document management systems.


Includes an additional variety of productivity features that allow users to process and analyze large volumes of email faster and more accurately than any other mobile email client.


Automatically captures billable time for interacting with client email on a mobile device.


Provides email productivity tools for lawyers such as wrong recipient detection that improve compliance.

Email Filing

Automatic email management and predictive batch filing

ZERØ’s onboard AI capability and DMS integration power a unique predictive filing capability. With the push of a button, emails are sorted and arrayed by matter, and can be filed in the firm’s DMS system instantly. Whereas humans begin to make errors with filing after 45 documents, ZERØ can process an unlimited number of emails with 99% accuracy.

DMS integration

ZERØ can be integrated with any case management system, DMS, or other softwares law firms use to streamline business processes, making the mobile email experience more effective and intuitive.


The secure on-premises connection allows iManage users to have a mobile email workflow that is identical to what appears on their desktops. iManage support allows batch and individual filing, document browsing, time tracking, and matter tagging. ZERØ also offers full DMS link functionality – meaning that links to iManage documents in emails work seamlessly. ZERØ connects with iManage via the Rest API.


ZERØ’s NetDocuments Rest API integration allows users to securely connect their mobile email to their cloud-based document management automatically. Features available to users include matter tagging, passive time recording, batch/individual filing, and document browsing features. In-email links to NetDocuments documents have full functionality.

Inbox Organization.

ZERØ’s embedded AI allows lawyers to sort their inboxes using smart filters that can display emails by importance, sender, and more. By making it easier for lawyers to access the messages they need when they need them, ZERØ helps them save time and focus on higher value work.

Time Capture

Automatic Time Recording

ZERØ is the only AI-powered technology to automate instant capture of billable interaction with client email on mobile devices, helping lawyers capture more of the billable work they already do.

In addition to automatically recording the billable time spent on email, the AI-powered time capture features automatically identify the associated matter—including correctly identifying matters for clients with multiple matters—to create a precise time record narrative. ZERØ then feeds these time records directly into the firm’s time entry system of choice for review, edit, and posting.

Automating this process of managing billable time spent on emails from the mobile device eliminates countless hours of administrative tasks while also increasing the accuracy of these time entries.


Edge-computing-based mobile security

Personal data privacy and security are key priorities for ZERØ. Our unique machine learning algorithms run directly on a user’s device and never send user’s data for processing outside of their device. ZERØ’s application keeps personal data private, does not store user’s emails on third party servers, and communicates directly with email service provider and DMS services.

Data Loss Prevention

ZERØ’s Data Loss Prevention algorithms will prevent users from sending emails and confidential documents to the wrong recipients. ZERØ knows exactly who belongs to a matter or thread and will warn a user if a wrong recipient has been added.

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