ZERØ dedicated to applying artificial intelligence and smart automation to the most pressing operational challenges of the legal industry. We combine cutting-edge technology, advanced security, and ongoing evaluation of usability and customer value to build and deploy solutions that are revolutionizing the business of law.


A.I.-Powered Productivity

Helping Law Firms Achieve Productivity Utopia

Do you want your law firm to achieve productivity utopia? What would think look like?

Imagine –– Zero unbillable time spent on administrative tasks. Zero emails not filed. Zero data loss. Zero urgent emails pending. Zero minutes worked but not recorded.

This is the law firm productivity utopia –– where billing is so frictionless that one hour of work equals precisely one hour of time billed.

Most law firms, however, live in productivity dystopia. There, it takes many lawyers 1.8 hours of work to create one billable hour – significantly devaluing the billable rate. To demonstrate what this means for a law firm’s bottom line, a lawyer billing at a rate of $500 per hour would see an effective rate of $277.78 per hour at the ratio described above – or a rate of almost half. Not only does this result in a pay cut for lawyers, but it also drastically devalues their time. Productivity dystopia also has a profound effect on profitability and competitiveness in an increasingly saturated market. Firms that are able to bill an hour for every hour worked tend to perform the strongest financially.

ZERØ exists to help law firms achieve this mythical productivity utopia. Our mobile application and Outlook companion allow lawyers to perform administrative tasks that once took hours with the click of a button. ZERØ also provides additional features to help lawyers spend less time sifting through their inbox and focus on the messages that matter most.


Incremental Revenue Generation

Helping Law Firms Capture Every Billable Interaction

Profitability is a key concern for law firms today. What separates the most profitable firms from their less profitable peers is not their rates, but the number of billable hours they charge. The firms that consistently exhibit the strongest financial performance don’t just bill more; they shrink the gap between hours worked and hours billed per attorney to the smallest margin possible.

Most law firms are not currently achieving this 1:1 parity between hours worked and hours billed. One particular problem is mobility. On average, lawyers spend 90 minutes per day conducting billable work on mobile devices – but only 20% of that activity is being captured. This equates to 72 minutes’ worth of lost revenue every single day.

What would the impact be if all billable work were captured and the non-billable work eliminated? Meet ZERØ.

ZERØ’s artificial intelligence passively captures billable interactions with client email on mobile devices. The work is efficiently logged, timesheets are automatically created, and mobile email can be captured and recorded as a source of billable time.

Law firms can expect to gain significant hard revenue from ZERØ. A law firm with 1,000 attorneys and a blended billable rate of $300/hour can increase billing by $93,960,000 per year per lawyer (assuming 261 working days) by ensuring that all attorney time spent emailing from a mobile device in captured. In other words, this hypothetical law firm is currently leaving $93,960 of revenue per attorney on the table.

Law firms can also save a substantial amount of money on cost avoidance. This same hypothetical law firm saves a total of $78.3 million per year in non-billable labor hours by having the administrative task of mobile time capture automated.

This new ability to capture time from mobile email has the potential to be a game-changer for law firms. Firms that bill more are more profitable, make better investment strategies, and are able to attract better lateral hires. Their attorney retention is also stronger: attorneys who do less of the work they don’t like, and make more money from the work they do like, stay.


Better-Than-Human Compliance

Clients are worried about their data: where it is, who has access to it, how it’s secured. These questions can only be properly answered if client documents and emails are filed in the document management system (DMS). Period.

Helping Law Firms Achieve 100% Email Compliance

Compliance with client guidelines regarding billing and data privacy is one of the biggest issues keeping law firm executives up at night. In light of recent data breaches, clients are rightfully concerned about their data: namely, where it is, who has access to it, and how it’s secured. Despite the importance of having this information on hand, many law firms do not have ready access to it because their lawyers do not file their emails into the document management system (DMS). ZERØ can help law firms increase email compliance to 100% by automating the aspects of filing that make it so time-consuming and tedious – increasing the chance that the firm will be ready to provide this information whenever it is needed.

ZERØ’s key value proposition as it relates to email compliance is its simplicity. ZERØ’s mobile app looks and feels like the apps that most lawyers are already using. With the touch of a button, a lawyer can file all of his or her emails into the correct iManage or NetDocuments folder – eliminating the barriers to email filing adoption. Not only is ZERØ easy to use, but it is quicker also far more accurate than any human can be.

“ZERØ automatically files emails into NetDocuments with greater accuracy than lawyers are able and, in conjunction with a host of additional productivity features, also automatically captures billable time interacting with client email.”

Stephanie Southwick,
Managing Partner, Greenfield Southwick

Gone are the days when the DMS was a dumping ground for emails. With ZERØ, any lawyer can be compliant with client guidelines with the click of a button.